Dr Arivoli, Trichy – about Pesum Olai Suvadigal

Amaanushyam means something not raised by human, it is a power beyond the reach of human speaking. Whatever man raises is manushyam. If a power other than a man raises it, then it is amaanushyam. This type of art exists not only in our country… but in many countries… But in India, especially in South India this art has grown well. As people think of this art form to be false and lack trust in it, it is fading now. I read this book completely; has got amazing facts in it.


S. Jayanthinathan, Editor-in-charge, Jyothida Vasal, Madurai – about Amaanushyamum Arputha Nigalvugalum

The book has many incidents as experienced and is a collection of the experiences only. The author has not penned anything imaginarily at any place. Though he is bestowed with divine powers and realizes it, he lacks any ego and is unproud, calling himself as an instrument and saying he is driven by those divine powers, shows his modesty as he emphasizes the supremacy of God. In this book, he mentions that the soul of the deceased lives, and he categorizes it as the one that does good/bad and explains with examples. This is authentically true!


Indra Soundarrajan, Author – about Prabanja Vasiyam

Read the book at one shot. Anandavel is loaded with the skill to analyze the lives deeply and was amazed at it. Was happy knowing that his skill has benefitted many people and they’re living happily. Few of his experiences brought goose-bumps to me. This book would help one to view life in a different perspective and think aloud.


Athistam Jyothidabhanu C Subramaniyam, Editor, Balajyothidam – about Prabanja Vasiyam

Tarot is a method in the field of astrology and he has mastered, researched and when I realize that he helps people who reach out to him, its evident that his staunch belief in the lord he prays Krishnapuram Abhayahasta Anjaneyar actually resides in his tongue and gives out the predictions, is the truth!

From the appreciations of the people that interacted with him and their own experiences, Anandavel’s talent is proved. Every human has some talent in him. Only time brings that out to limelight. Siddhars are people that looked at ‘that time’ as God.

Last chapter as ‘Prabanja Vasiyam’ penned by him attracted me so much. We need to accept his explanation. He resolves the problems for the people that come to him, is evident in the appreciations shared in the testimonials section. To get such a talent, the amount of hardwork put, lessons learnt, dedication held and experience gained – are truly amazing!


S. Jayanthinathan, Editor-in-charge, Jyothida Vasal, Madurai – about Prabanja Vasiyam

Based on the divine powers possessed, when the deserved ones’ approach him, he resolves their problems and this is explained very transparently. Let the service continue, for this amaanushyam power bestowed friend M.R. Anandavel. I wish him and let the people looking for prosperity in life reach out to him and benefit.


Meenam K.S. Manibhattachariyar, Founder, SriHari Jyothida Vidhyalayam – about Prabanja Vasiyam

Sastras elate man to the spiritual level. For living beings to get awareness by the grace of god, they need to use sastras. The author has understood this admirably and is servicing people.

It is essential to realize the divinity in oneself for those that mastered the sastras. It is not an easy-going task. By completely understanding and surrendering to god, he has created in himself a selfless soul, understood the universal enigmas and by grace of god, gives out the prophecies; this kaliyuga siddhar’s Prabanja Vasiyam is a miraculous book that needs to read by all!


Athistam Jyothidabhanu C Subramaniyam, Editor, Balajyothidam – about Vasiyam Oru Ragasiyam 

As the connections and devotion to Siddhars take him on the accurate path, every word spelled by him remains as the prophecy of Siddhar. The testimonials of the people that benefitted from him stand as a testimony to it.

The meothod by which he conveys the resolution to the people that reach out to him, is an amaanushyam way! The remedy he provides is also of an amaanushyam type. How is this possible? He has met with superb Siddhars, divine preachers and Sadhgurus, learnt the art and got sanctified. So, is whatever he says a prophecy? Astrology? Prasannam? Divine spell? Godly spell? That is the enigma!


S. Jayanthinathan, Editor-in-charge, Jyothida Vasal, Madurai – about Vasiyam Oru Ragasiyam

The marvelous seventh sense in the mind of human as amaanushyam is the true identity of him. By carrying out the tasks that can’t be executed by others’…he has compiled few of those incidents and modestly presented this ‘Vasiyam oru Ragasiyam’ as his third book. For any resolution provided by him, without a remark as “I did” proudly, the citation as – the affected one’s karma gave me the space and so the worthy thing happened to him, only demonstrates his modesty in this book.