Kadayanallur Anjaneyar

Temple History

Kadayanallur Anjaneyar

The one that holds the power to carry out actions that none can perform, the messenger of SriRama – Sri Hanuman was on his pursuit for Sita, with the ring given by Him, with his soldiers in the direction of South. While they were exhausted due to hunger and thirst, they came upon a cave by surprise. On seeing the birds getting out drenched from the cave, they entered same.They saw the cave with water-filled ponds, palaces, gopuras and a lady by name Suyamprabha, in meditation.

On seeing Suyamprabha, Anjaneya bowed before her and asked her as to who she was. For which she replied – ‘once upon a time, Mayan of Devaloka (a place where Gods live) built this beautiful place. He took to staunch penance for 1000 years and got a boon from Brahma. And, he lived with this beautiful godly lady Hema. Sage Narada infomed Lord Indra that Mayan was living with Hema. Indra got furious and killed Mayan. The devas approach Lord Shiva and asked for his help, as Indra was suffering due to this sin.

Per the order of Lord Shiva, Ganges flew into this cave and Indra took a holy dip in that to wash off his dosha (sin). Since then, I’m protecting this pond.’

She also added that once the messenger of Rama i.e., Hanuman comes over there, she was asked to hand it over to him and return to Devaloka. Therefore, she asked him to kindly take over and protect it. She added that she’ll head out to Devaloka.

But Hanuman said “we are on a mission to unite Sita with SriRama and so we can’t stay over here right now. Also, after Rama’s pattabhisheka (crowning ceremony) gets over, I shall come over here”. Saying so, he left the place.

After the win at Lanka, Rama travels with Sita in the Pusphavimana to Ayodhya. At that time, Hanuman mentions about Suyamprabha and the pond she protects, to Rama.

Post listening to what Hanuman said, Rama says “after the pattabhisheka gets over, lets definitely come to this place. Rama instilled Hanuman pattabhisheka also gets done well.

On an auspicious day, Rama gets Hanuman to Krishnapuram. He asks Hanuman to write yantras, makes yaga (holy fire), instills Hanuman and asks him to bless the devotees who come seeking his assistance, as an order from him.

Wherever one hears the name of Rama, Hanuman certainly resides in those places. Same way, would Rama not reside in the place where Hanuman’nama is heard?

That’s why, in this temple SriRama appears with Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman.

Wonders carried out by Hanuman:

[i]       In the year 1968, it was some day in some month, 3 AM early in the morning. Kadayanallur station was submerged in the darkness of the Tenkasi-Virudhunagar railway path.

Without knowing the upcoming disaster, the passenger train was kind of relaxing in the main lane. Station Master was on his way to welcome the Kollam-Chennai Mail at the platform. He could see the bright light of the train and hear the high-speed noise.

He was astonished to see the train coming in the wrong track, while he thought ‘This is the regular train’ in his mind. In just few seconds, the sound of a blast hits the sky. The station gets doomed. Passengers’ screaming sound disturbed the place.

Express and Passenger trains had a head-on collision. Both the engines dashed each other and raised high in the air. When looked from a distance, it appeared as though two hands were joining together to bow someone.

On hearing the news, the Madurai divisional Superintendent who rushed to the spot felt that the engines looked like they were bowing someone. In spite of the collision at high speed, hundreds of people should have died but how none died and got saved. He was astonished.

After ordering for first-aid and other actions to be taken, he approached the people who had come to help on hearing the news, “Is there any temple in this close proximity?”. “Yes, look over there!” and they showed the temple situated amidst the greenery of the farmland.

Engines positioned in the bowing position, station, temple – all three were in the same straight line and the Superintendent was amazed.

He felt that a major accident was made nothing due to the God’s direct sight.

“What temple is that?”, he asked.

“Anjaneyar temple”, was the answer. After taking the relevant actions for the accident, he rushed to the temple.

The village was a highland to at least half the height of a palm tree, so he stopped his vehicle in the mud road and walked down. A pond and on its shore, a Hanuman temple. East facing entrance and while passing thru left, looking on the right was a South-facing temple – with main pedestal and a Hanuman uniquely sculpted, to the height of a human.

“In the raised tail was a bell, with one-foot forward. Like looking at us, was a different face-look. And the other unique appearance was that the right-hand was like abhayahasta (hand protecting us) and the left hand in the hip”.

The official was delighted and stood bowing for a long time. He was a pious man. Is there anyone who doesn’t love Anjaneya? And that too, He protected from a major catastrophe happening. The official’s mind melted down.

“What do we offer, to express love to the God”, he asked.

“Vada and payasam (sweetened milk)”, came the reply.

“Please make arrangements for vada, payasam as my offering”. He gave the money for the same and left with the prasadham (offering to the God).

[ii]     The municipal commissioner in Kadayanallur was an atheist. His child got into a disease and in spite of treating it, the situation worsened. He was told, “Don’t worry, give this prasadham to your child” and he gave it to his child due to the love for her and his mind was ready to accept anything. His child got saved.

Though he got transferred to Chengalpattu later, he brought his child to the temple, laid her in the padha (foot) of the God, offered vada and payasam and shed joyous tears.

[iii]    Any commissioner that comes to this village seemed to have some connect with this Hanuman. There was a commissioner that was quite pious. He got a transfer order to Periayakulam. But he was uninterested due to his kids’ studies. He couldn’t avoid his transfer by any means.

He went to the pedestal of the God and cried saying “how can I leave you?”. By night, a tempo had come to pick the things. He had to leave by morning. He was standing in front of God and weeping. A man came running to him and said, “Sir, the tempo isn’t starting”. In spite of trying so hard, the vehicle didn’t move. In a few hours, the local newspaper “The Hindu” was delivered. In that there was a news of someone else posted at Periyakulam, in the officials’ transfer section.

[iv]    To the Lord who performed amazing wonders in the lives of his devotees who had surrendered themselves to Him, K.N.Ramanarayana Iyer is one such person who had dedicated his life to the service of God. Dark clouds started clouding his life suddenly. His spouse Sitalakshmi developed pain in one of her breasts. Initially the pain was less but later when it increased, she had to be taken to a hospital.

She was taken to the Trivandrum Cancer Centre and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was informed of the cost and asked him to come back with the cash. But he didn’t have that much funds. Post-surgery she has to be in the hospital for a few weeks. There was none at home to take care of the kids. With such delays, six months passed by.

He was totally heart-broken. He came to an understanding that there was none other than the God who could save his spouse. “You carried the Sanjeevi mountain to save the life and only you can save my spouse, I’ve none to help me”, saying so he surrendered before the God. Every day he would keep a bindi-like point on the statue of God and pray. When he reached the last bindi-like point, his spouse was taken to the hospital and tests were done. There was no trace of cancer in the tests. Also, she had no pain. The doctors were astonished as to how this was possible. Even after that he didn’t stop keeping that bindi-like point on the statue of God.

If one truly surrenders to the God, places his request and promises to offer vada/payasam it certainly comes true.

It has once happened that the God had eaten the vada. A person had offered the vada mala for his request to God. From nowhere a big monkey came and was roaming in the temple. When the vada mala was taken to give as prasadham to the devotees, they could notice that a part of it was bitten.

The lord who materializes things to the true devotees that surrender to Him, is in Tirunelveli district, two kms from Krishnapuram at Kadayanallur, on the way to Tenkasi, amidst the greenery farmlands blesses us all!

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