There are herbs that still hold the supremacy beyond the power of humans. But these herbs communicate only if one encapsulates it with proper mantra power. You might wonder if this is true!

Once someone was holding the property of three generations and enjoying by himself, without giving the share to the heirs. Like the Pandavas, the heirs asked him to give ‘whatever he felt like giving’. He still was unwilling to offer anything. The heirs owned nothing as property, but finally sold off the property and won their battle. This incident is true!

Likewise, a client from Canada called upon me once and asked “Sir, are there spirits in reality? Can one see that?”. I posted him some herbs and gave him few instructions to perform on those herbs. While performing that a spirit-like thing jolted him. As it continued to trouble him, like one watches in TV shows, the deity he prays each day – Panchamuka Anjaneya (five faced Hanuman) appeared with a Gadha in hand and banged on that evil spirit, which eventually fled away from his home.

He continued, “Sir, I mistook you like every other person in the world. I now realize that ‘Some herbs communicate’. More than that you’d created an opportunity for me to see Anjaneya in reality. Now I comprehend it”.

Therefore, the power of herbs is immeasurable. If one finds such herbs and gives some mantra power to it, one can nullify few issues in one’s life and move a few barriers!