Mantra is a supremacy beyond the power of humans. This can be used for prospects (good aspects) and also for evil. If one acquires knowledge of the evil mantras and explores deep into it, he can realize the power of it. By being knowledgeable of this evil mantra, one can raise his affluent status quo and claim to be powerful but can ne’er own mental harmony. There is none spelled in the history, that has glorified his life by doing sabotage to others’ life. Marital life wouldn’t be harmonious. He would face some kind of setback. Hence this is termed as “Tantras”.

But in mantras, there is good as well. For a common man to lead a harmonious life and acquire the blessings of his family deity, there might be plenty of mantras but if one finds a Guru and starts to follow his able guidance, he can feel the power of those mantras.

Mantras embrace 8 types of ‘Sidhus’. Few are easy to acquire as well like Vasiyam, Aaharudanam, Thambanam, Bedhanam, Mohanam, Ucchadanam, Vithuvedanam and Maaranam.

Ucchadanam and Maaranam can be used to achieve prospects and can be used to shield oneself from the evil attacks ofothers. This has plenty of instructions.