Amaanushyam is a supremacy beyond the power of humans. While an individual happens to see-feel in one’s life, this can’t be proved.

Amaanushyam is considered to be something related to spirits. Quite true but it is not only that!

Spirituality, herbs and even vibhooti (sacred ash) hold amaanushya facts.

The tarot cards that I use also hold plenty of amaanushya facts buried and hidden. Since I don’t use tarot cards like others’ use to reveal facts, I view it as a mix of spirituality and amaanushyam, and handle it.

The way spirituality reflects our inner self, amaanushyam does the same.

Though I’m adept at astrology, I don’t take horoscope from people to reveal the predictions. I only use tarot cards. “Do we get relief for all the problems?”- if this question is posed, the solution is that it depends on the ‘karma’ of the person seeking remedy.

I don’t deal with all the clients that visit me. I handle only those for whom my inner self signals me to. Else I ask them to meet me after a month or so.

The remedies that I suggest don’t exist in any ‘sastras (sacred scripts). “Do the remedies not mentioned in any sastras work?”- you might wonder so!

But how did that happen? Why did that happen? – happenings do occur and amaanushyam makes it happen.

We trust only those facts that we know. But if something unbelievable happens, it’s called amaanushyam!